How Apps Like Practo, Medilife, Lybrate… Are Transforming Healthcare Industry?

People across the globe are turning health-conscious more than ever. Harnessing the power of technology they rely severely on online healthcare solution. To this, COVID-19 effect and the need to maintain social distancing have added more.

As a result, popular online healthcare apps like Practo, Medilife, Lybrate etc… are witnessing a surge in their demand. Recently, 300% increase in online doctor consultations was recorded on the platform.

The exponential rise in the demand and growth of online healthcare solutions brings a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs. Healthcare apps are here to stay Post Covid.

Better Patient Engagement and Improved Patient Safety

Due to the long queues at there centre, doctors are unable to build a trustworthy relationship with patients, if Doctor is unable to take time out and interact with his patients then patient would be unsatisfied, and would switch to another doctor for there query.

One can also connect to specialists on voice or video calls to ask questions regarding the problems they are facing via a mobile application. These kind of app also provide 24*7 instant chat with the patient’s care team. People living in remote locations can engage with their Doctors for any medical help.

Improve Decision-Making

Before the arrival of smartphones, the only way to make decision about multiple hospitals was by getting suggestions or hearing about there personal experiences from friends, family, neighbours, hoardings and advertisements, doctors’ name, reputation and qualifications etc. But today, we can sign in into mobile apps like Practo, Docon… and get the necessary information regarding service provider’s ratings, reviews and other details which are dependable and trustworthy.

Know what suits you the best

With the help of health app we can choose  among a list of clinics and doctors, which suits you the best and you feel comfortable with the service they provide. The decision making gets more accurate by the recent comments and reviews for the doctor and the clinic from the patient. This solves the problem of taking advice from friends, relatives, and neighbour’s. 

Efficient in recording all the information

When you receive the reports of your tests, from the doctors through the any health app, it gets stored in the apps so that you can view, take advice, and prescriptions from other doctors  for future references. It eliminates all the hustle and bustle of finding your reports and making a mess. 

Advance healthcare and disease control

Due to the development of particular software programs in medical health care, it has become easier to improve the quality of healthcare services delivered to people. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been able to classify disease, causes and symptoms into a massive database. 

Storing of essential records 

This kind of mhealth application records signals like high/low blood pressure and uneven heart rates. This eliminates the need of visiting the doctor for every small test.

Pay only for the services you are taking

The Internet has all the noted prices of medicines. Many times we are deceived by the pharmacist of the medical stores and healthcare providers. With the help of an mobile health app, such hurdles are erased. It creates transparency, with which, the customer can make sure he is not paying any extra amount.

A suitable and accessible place to fight your symptoms

All the needed medical or health related  information about dealing with certain symptoms without the presence of an expert is delivered on health application. They update their readers with all the problem getting prevalent in the city or the country and help them find a way to deal with it and take important precautions.

Conclusion :

Health Application which comes with a mission for the betterment for human lives, believe in making human life, a healthier one. They want their app to be centrally available for simplifying and easily accessible for all the consumers worldwide. These mobile health application not only provides the list of best and filtered doctors with proper qualifications but also helps the consumer with better decision making about their health. This mhealth app’s strength is to provide a platform for the doctors and patients to connect and simultaneously digitizing the healthcare industry. It also brings aids in creating more jobs bringing the healthcare industry under one roof.

You must have gone through some problems where you faced a lack of services around your area. Next time if you face something, try any healthcare mobile app and see what miracle you carry within your hands every day! 

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