Why is App Maintenance Necessary?

App maintenance always in the long-run process. Moreover, research says that maintenance off app improves retention rates by just 5 percent which cost in increases of the profits of a business by 25 percent to 95 percent.

App maintenance is always important for the survival of apps in the play stores. Performance requirements, changes in design trends, new device launches, new operating system launches, etc., are a few reasons behind why you should give priority to your app maintenance strategy even before beginning your development process.

What are the factors that you need to consider for Calculating Mobile Maintenance costs

What are the factors that you need to consider for Calculating Mobile App Maintenance costs?

1. Location of Development Team-

Costs of app development varies all over the world based on different economies of the country. In this respect, the cost of development is highest in the USA and Switzerland. While rates are lowest in Eastern and Central Europe as much as low in India. Also, developers in some nations perform better in comparison to developers from others.

2. The various complication in software development-

If your app has more screens and extra advanced features, your app maintenance costs will rise. The costs also depend on the app development technology you had select earlier.

If you want to build two separate native apps, your app maintenance costs will increase as compared to app maintenance for any hybrid solution. Another factor that influences the cost of app maintenance is the number of third-party integrations in your app.

3. The App Design-

To keep app maintenance costs within your budget, you need to hire experienced UI/UX in the initial phases of your app development process. If your design is not up to the mark, your app maintenance costs may increase in the long run. An experienced developer will know how to manage heritage of code and design for boosting your product gradually.

calculating App maintenance costs

Points to remember while calculating App maintenance costs:

1. Analytics Tools-

Tools like Google Analytics provide a huge volume of meaningful data for helping you make the correct decisions to track the usage of users and generate reports that bring you answers. You definitely find several other free tools that are far more advanced ones will give you the far more detailed information. You also have to keep in consideration the time you spend here because you have to dedicate somebody to spend time applying and checking these things.Analytics is also important for performance issues that could include glitches, crashes, or any other bug.

2. Hosting requirements-

To ensure the enhanced performance of your app, you need to get the database and backend of your app hosted. Hosting options could include a cloud-based environment, shared or dedicated.

3. Third-Party-

If you are using any element in your app that comes from a third-party, then you have to make a monthly payment. For example, if you are using any licensed technology for your app, you will need to pay for it.

4. New Updates and Bugs-

With every technology, updates are necessary. Every app releases updated versions from time to time. You can just go to the store, open the description, and look for new updates. The update costs may depend on quite a few factors. If you have a bug that needs to be solved in the line of code, you may have to spend almost thousand of bugs.The costs also depend on the size of the app and its performance.

5. Client Support-

To assure the success of your app, you have to pay attention to the feedback of your users. Make sure to address each and every user complaint. Dedicated a professional technical person to respond to the users and drive good reviews. This will be a recurring cost for you, but it will not be much or you can deploy to someone in your nearby.

6. Security-

Another essential app maintenance cost that you need to consider is ensuring the security of your app. You have to consider two areas- legally imposed changes, and current ongoing security optimization. To ensure this, your developers need to track all the privacy updates or third-party integration changes. If you end up leaving out any update unidentified, you could cause a security violation for your app.