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In favour of rideshare systems like Uber, consumer who live in big cosmopolitan cities with busy traffic and lack of parking space hesitate to own vehicles. Strong demand for personal car trips lets developers dream about how to build and effectively deliver an app like Uber on local or even worldwide markets.

And, yes, the creation of Uber-like software seems to be a rational leap, not just for entrepreneurs, but also for transport companies. The ridesharing app business has never been as full as it has been in recent years. New applications keep cropping up in the desire to catch a bite of a pie, powered by Uber, and that’s a huge success.

Things to Know About Uber-Like App Development

I would like to emphasize the size of Uber before we move on to the subject. It currently operates in 84 countries and over 800 cities, via the Android and iOS app, offering a 24-hour-per-day on-demand link between riders and drivers. All sides are aware of the status of each other and questions regarding the arrival time of the car are no longer topical.

Impressive enough, yeah? With its seamless app-user engagement, great marketing campaigns, and occasional error reports, Uber has grabbed a great share of the industry.

There is a choice of different tiers of Uber service depending on availability:

  1. UberX – The most cost-efficient alternative option
  2. UberBlack – Stylish Uber with trendy cars,
  3. UberSUV – Where the magnitude counts.
  4. UberLUX – No words are required for the prime operation.

How Does Uber Work?

Step 1: Submission. Instantly or on time the customer orders a car via the application. The drivers in the vicinity receive those calls.
Step 2: Matching. The driver may approve or deny the trip. If you refuse, you can give the order to another driver.
Step 3: Ride. Knowing the approximate time of your arrival, the firm monitors the taxi approach.
Step 4: Payment. This procedure is simplified for all sides because of the cashless payment system and the price calculated previously.
Step 5: Rating. It is an essential aspect of Uber’s corporate logic that increases the efficiency of the operation.

How Many Apps Do You Really Need?

There are two apps that you need to create your own Uber app. The initial platform is the Driver App that is designed for drivers and for ordinary commuters who book their travel. In fact, the platform need to also have an administrative panel which will oversee and control the function of the platform.

First, taking into account the simple and advanced functionality that can be introduced in the passenger app.

Developing an app like Uber for consumers is fundamental:

  1. Routing and geolocation.
  2. Integration of transactions.
  3. Capturing and management of confidential records.
  4. Right from the app, call or text the driver.
  5. Push notifications.
  6. Ride cost estimation.
  7. Top-notch UI and UX design.

Basic features to create Uber app for drivers:

  1. Reports from the cab.
  2. Optimization of advanced paths.
  3. Editing of personal profile.
  4. Choice ‘Active / Inactive’ (active drivers can be seen in the map, inactive cann’t see).
  5. Calling from the application to a passenger.
  6. Produce daily/monthly records of prior reservations and profits.
  7. Driver destinations

The last but not the least. Admin panels are normally server-based and require some efforts from the web development service provider. It can provide you a convenient rundown of business operations and include payroll processing capabilities and user data collection.

What Factors Influence the Uber App Development Cost?

To create your own Uber-like app, there are a few of things to remember. We typically hope to know their vision on essential matters before we start ties with our customers. We would like to see our consumers in addition to the overarching philosophy of the app, the projected budget, terms and conditions in order to guarantee their success.

Let’s then see what variables will impact the price before hitting the final price for an Uber app.


The secret to its price is a collection of features that you select to create an app like Uber. The costs for the development depend on simple and advanced functionality that you wish to incorporate in the application.

Uber and Lyft, for instance, all began with MVPs and scaled up steadily.

Your Type of Company

The kind of business is indeed a very significant consideration. Want to start up a business or have a proven taxi service? You will first want the mobile app, which has been built in accordance with your business processes.

In the meantime, the start-up company consists of creating an app next to the enterprise itself that gives some versatility, but normally a tight budget.

A different degree of expenditure will be needed for each form.

App Platform

Which site is to be selected? For many founders, this is an ancient issue. However, the solution is very straightforward: if you want to make use of your app, pick both Android and iOS.

You can create an MSP based on either platform, depending on your target demographic, if you have a tight budget, which is not an exceptional case.

For eg, Uber was first released on iOS because iPhones were incredibly successful those days with a market share of about 80 percent (on the US market).


In most cases, creating a native app is more rational than a hybrid one. The distinction lies in architecture, languages of programming, among many others.

It is a smart idea to contact a professional mobile development service provider if you are a non-technical founder before taking your final decision on your Uber-like software development strategy.

The final cost of creating an app

Building the software like UBER may vary from $5,000 to $8,000 for both the applications (iOS or Android), taking all the factors listed in the article above.

Final Conclusion

As mentioned, the final cost of your Uber like app largely depends on your personal choice and different factors. There are several tasks and their complexities that can be negotiated. Please contact us if you need any assistance to get closer to your goal! Our managers answer all your questions and predict your particular project.

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