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Personal finance applications make the handling of your assets simpler for you. A strong personal finance app will help someone who is concerned about increasing their money. Benefits involve long term financial preparation that begins with a practical budget formation. You can be helped with accounting by a personal finance app while also providing you helpful insights into money management.

Every app needs to give you perspectives on subjects such as investing opportunities, investment returns in the short and long term, tax laws, etc. In anything relating to finance, security is of utmost importance, so a personal financial app can tick the box, too!

The following functionality should be provided by a successful personal finance app:

  1. Users should easily be able to add purchases.
  2. It should make it easy to submit bank accounts or credit card statements.
  3. Customer must be able to conveniently access the bank balance, multiple bank statements, and overall financial condition when required.
  4. The budgeting exercise must be made simple by successful personal finance software.
  5. Users need accounting modules that are simple to use.
  6. Over-ease-of-use is important.
  7. Significant features are most important for personal financial goal-setting and progress monitoring.
  8. The app should offer investment insights and guidance, ideally.
  9. It will never be possible to ignore security.
  10. Especially for new users, robust customer support is important.


You’ll need to deliver unique features to release a high-quality application in a competitive market. Custom production will encourage you to provide your app with distinctive features, so I’ll explain this approach here.

You need to do the following at a high level:

  1. Build a UI that is simple and elegant. For this, the UX/UI programmers need a clear understanding of mobile menu design. Popular functions need to be exist.
  2. There are common functions where it‘s advantageous if you don‘t reinvent the wheel. Personal finance app development using financial data ’application programming interfaces‘ (APIs) can save you valuable time.
  3. Mobile backend development and management are time-consuming, however, you can take advantages of ’Mobile Backend as a Service’ (MBaaS) providers.

You need the following skills in your team to get developed:

  1. Business analysts;
  2. UX/UI designers;
  3. iOS and Android developers;
  4. Testers;
  5. Project manager.


May I create a free finance app?
A simple finance app can be installed free of charge, but the question is why would you want to? The consistency, including the number of characteristics and the protection of the app, would be low. It would be discarded easily by consumers.

How much does it cost to get a financial app built?
It would be very pricey to get a high quality finance app with lots of characteristics. The specific cost would depend on its intent and the appropriate technology, etc. On the EcommerceandApp Quote Page, fill in a product specification form, and you can get a reliable estimation through mail

Where to find developers to build a finance app?
E-CommerceandApp is a group of expert developers who have created a range of apps for finance, including blockchain-based ones. You can contact them, if you need fantastic developers

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