While some are considering 2020 as one of the most pathetic years, others are considering it as the year of various innovation. It’s almost the end of the of the year and we are still knee-deep in problems that originated at the beginning of 2020 and not to forget some new atrocities that pay us visit now and then in between. But for every problem, we are finding solutions on every level may it be individual, national, or global. The pandemic is upon us and we all know for a fact that we have to learn to survive with it before we can find a permanent solution. And there are a abundance of innovations in quarantine that we are slowly starting to use until everything is back to normal. Here are some of the best ones listed down:

Robots are Here to Assist us

We all know about the capabilities of robots and how in the mere future they are going to be our saviours. Given the current situation, it won’t be wrong to say that the beginning of the future is here as robots are here to rescue us. The world is using Artificial Intelligence for various purposes like symptom tracking, diagnosis, people tracking, and so much more. 

A start-up named Inokyo has built a product that helps in contact tracing by using cameras and computer vision technology to see and trace the contacts of the employees. There are robots installed in malls and offices that carry hand sanitizers to remind people about social distancing and wearing masks. Also, everything is expected to be soon facilitated virtually in the coming years.


Replacing hands with feet

To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus through hands, devices are being modified to be used via feet and not hands. Since the economy is slowly resuming and public places opening up, the elevator lifts have seen a modification that seems to be extremely helpful. The lift buttons can now be operated via foot instead of hands to reduce the transmission. 


When the pandemic was on all of us, we were using sanitizers excessively but then we realized that there was a scope of an upgrade there too. There are foot-operated sanitizers available in the market now suitable for installation in public places. Along with that, people are also making their own DIY automatic hand sanitizers. People are taking matters into their own hands now since it need of the demand.


Quirky Innovations

We are drowning in a global pandemic but we still made some space for fun and quirkiness here, didn’t we? People were getting bored at home and that boredom led to some real creativity. But who knew that it would have to last this long? 

Playing tennis over the window, recreating old paintings, doing silly challenges with your pets are some of the crazy things people have been doing inside their homes. But now that we are slowly moving out of our homes people have found their own ways for social distancing. Take a look.


2020 has been full of big surprises especially with Covid-19 being on the top of the list. Some say 2020 is yet to show its colors and we should all be prepared for more. Well, if there’s anything that we are prepared for future, it’s more Covid-19 innovations and some great outcomes post the pandemic.

The bigger question than if or even when this future arrives is what it will mean for the millions of workers who make their living running the checkout lane.